About Us

Great Food

Here at Flaming Good we like to do things a little slowly. We’re passionate believers in the whole “Paddock to Plate” experience. Much of the lamb and pork we use is grown by us here on our organic olive grove. The beef we use comes from our butcher’s own herd. We also aim to follow the ‘nose to tail’ process so that nothing is ever wasted and our special dishes reflect this approach.

This is real food like it’s supposed to taste!

Great food begins with great ingredients.  We source our ingredients locally to provide you with the freshest and best-tasting experience.

Much of the pork and lamb we use is grown right on our own farm.

Cooked from Scratch

All our dishes start from scratch using fresh locally sourced ingredients with no preservatives.  Many of our dishes are marinated, simmered or smoked and then slowly roasted overnight to bring out a depth of flavour that simply can’t be rushed.​